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All our nurseries feature a Baby Room, Toddler Room, Little Learners Room and Explorers Room. Whilst we have provided information on each, our nursery staff are happy to tell you more and show you around each when you visit.
















In our Baby Room all of our babies are nurtured and loved by our caring professional Key Persons. We have a 1:3 ratio and the staff and children follow a daily routine, for example: Babies choose from a variety of toys, which help to encourage their Personal, Social, Emotional and intellectual development. They also have lots of heuristic play ie: Treasure basket; babies sit around this basket and play with natural materials of their own choice and explore them without interference.

Daily messy play is encouraged ie: shaving foam, bubble water, sand, corn flour. Circle time, singing with musical instruments, playing with interactive toys are all part of our babies day. Which makes their environment stimulating and challenging.

Babies enjoy going on our daily buggy walks, which are essential. They are also encouraged to exercise both indoors and out, using soft play climbing areas and tunnels. Regular, nutritious, healthy meals are provided throughout the day for the wellbeing of all the babies. Our Staff follow the rhythm of the baby and they sleep in their individual cots when they are tired.


In our Toddler Room all of our toddlers are cared for in a loving way and encouraged to take on more challenges. We have Key Persons and a 1:3 ratio and the staff and children follow a daily routine, for example: In Toddlers Room, we do morning circle time. This is the time when the whole class meets together, sitting in a circle. It is very carefully planned, where teachers use lots of props where children can develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, talking and listening. Each day a child gets a turn to choose a storybook or prop to make them feel very special. This also helps children with their friendships and strengthens the relationship between the teachers and the children in the class.

Our Toddlers room are encouraged to explore and investigate their environment, for example; through the use of more complex treasure baskets, messy play, interactive toys, small world play, painting and rhyme books. At meal times the toddlers are encouraged to feed themselves and to become more independent, a daily rest time is encouraged in their individual sleeping bags.

Challenging physical activities are set up daily for our toddlers inside and out in the garden.


In Little Learners our children are becoming much more independent therefore the ratio is 1:4 who are looked after by their Key Persons. With this age group we introduce group activities to encourage sociability and communication. This includes adult led activities based around our monthly theme. Many other activities are also available ie: sand and water, role-play, outdoor play, creative play etc… The Key persons work with the children and encourage them to use their imagination in a variety of creative activities including play dough, paints, pencils/ crayons, scissors etc.


Little Learners feed themselves independently and have a rest during the day on their individual sleeping mats.

Little Learners are very active and physical activity is strongly encouraged this would include frequent activities in the garden, including dance, games, musical movement and Sporty Minis. Sporty Minis is a unique sports programme provided for our children from the age of 2-5 years of age.


 In Explorers we encourage our children to be independent learners and their Key Persons prepare them for school. The ratio is 1:8.

We introduce daily phonics, and mathematical activities and they learn to read and write letters, words and numbers. They have access to ICT toys to support their learning.

Weekly French lessons are provided to enhance their knowledge of the world and extend their language skills.

They have daily “show and tell” where each child is allocated a day to bring any object from home depending on the letter of the week in the classroom (Literacy). This will also encourage parents to participate in the nursery in their child’s learning. This activity will also build child’s confidence in a group situation.

In Explorers the children serve themselves, scrape their plates independently and are taught about good hygiene.

The children are encouraged to use various equipment and materials to develop their imagination. The children create dens, junk models, pictures and objects. They participate in weekly cooking, play instruments and sing. Tools for scientific investigating are provided to help the children investigate the surrounding world around them ie: torches, magnifying glasses, spades for digging.

Physical activities are paramount at this age and children are encouraged to play outdoors as often as possible. We provide opportunities for a variety of physical activities including weekly Dance/ Music/ Drama lessons with “Lucy Sparkles”.

The children can also participate in weekly, organised sport activities with “Sporty Minis” which is a Sports Programme that is especially designed for 2-5 year olds. Children are encouraged to be happy and confident which will enable them to reach their full potential.

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