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At the Eveline Day Nurseries we believe that providing good quality food for our children is essential. We encourage our children to eat fresh fruit daily at nursery.

Our kitchens have achieved the highest Health and Safety 5 Star rating. We endeavour to provide food that is additive free and all allergy and dietary requirements are catered for. As all our nurseries are very diverse, we cater for all individuals. We use organic and halal meat, which are delivered twice a week by our local butcher. All our fruit and vegetables are delivered each week.

The milkman delivers our milk, bread and eggs on a daily basis. We also encourage the children to drink plenty of fresh water at mealtimes and throughout the day, as this is known to enhance the children’s learning state.

All our meals are prepared and cooked on the premises daily by our highly experienced cooks, using fresh ingredients.

Our weekly menus are displayed on our information board and our daily menu can be found on our notice board. We begin the day with breakfast at 8.30 am, with a mid-morning snack around 10.00am. Lunch is served at 11.30am and high tea is at 4.00pm followed by a snack at 5.15pm.

Meal times are a time of social interaction and enjoyment. Our children sit in small groups, the older children are encouraged to self-serve and staff are there to help all ages when needed.

We cater for all children with specific medical conditions, allergies and religious requirements.

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