Early Years

Education and play work hand in hand at The Eveline Day and Nursery Schools. We recognise the importance of providing exciting opportunities for all children to help them make progress in their development and learning.

For all children from birth to five years we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage principals.

The Early Years Foundation Stage themes and Commitments celebrate the uniqueness of each child and highlights the interrelationship between growth, learning, development, environment and partnership with parents.

The Four Themes & Commitments are;

A Unique Child

Positive Relationships

Enabling Environments

Learning & Development

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum followed by all ages from birth to five and this introduces seven areas of learning. Babies from birth to two follow the three prime areas and two to five year olds follow the prime and specific areas.

The Early Years Foundation Stage should underpin all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children.

Our older children enjoy and experience a range of activities focused around the child. They enjoy encountering new challenges and experiences. A varied selection of activities are always available for children to actively explore and develop new skills as well as practising and developing existing ones. We help to do this by including Sport, Dance, Drama, Mark Making Skills, Messy Play and Role Play opportunities.

We like to introduce a varied range of learning opportunities that will allow and encourage thinking skills and make learning fun, including ICT, French, Maths, Science, Literacy, Music Making, exploring our local community and Cooking. We never forget that each child is respected as a growing individual who is encouraged to develop at their own pace with praise and encouragement, developing self confidence, respect for others, independence and an inquisitive mind.

The inclusion of children that may have special educational needs or disabilities are welcomed. The Eveline Day and Nursery Schools will ensure that appropriate support is available to them by the staff who care for them so that they have equal opportunity to access the Early Years Foundation Stage.